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 Tuesday, 31 March 2015
Elmdor / Stoneman Manufacturing

Access Doors, Roof Flashing and Roof Hatches

Elmdor/Stoneman manufacturing manufactures an extensive line of access doors, roof flashing assemblies and roof flashing.  Elmdor/Stoneman is known throughout the building industry as having the widest variety of standard access doors of any manufacturer.  Our nationwide distribution network plus strategically located warehouses allow us to effectively satisfy our customers' requirements.


Did you know Elmdor's Access Doors meet LEED, and other "Green Construction" criteria?
  • Product is more durable, vandal resistant and requires less maintenance than similar products
  • Product contains pre-consumer recycled content
  • Product contains post-consumer recycled content
  • Product contributes to USGBC LEED, www.usgbc.org

Materials & Resources:

  • Recycled Content, specify 10% - 20%
  • Local/Regional Materials, 10% - 20% manufactured locally
LEED Elmdor/Stoneman is a Member of U.S. Green Building Council recyclable Stainless Steel is Recyclable
Note: No building products are LEED certified; only buildings are certified.
Building products can only contribute to earning points in various categories.

Elmdor/Stoneman is a division of Acorn Engineering.
Acorn Engineering is a member of USGBC (ID # 3066819038125449)

For more information on our "Green Construction" products, call (800) 591-9181

This is a letter, signed by Elmdor / Stoneman's quality assurance officers, certifying that Elmdor/Stoneman's stainless steel products meet the recycled content criteria set forth under the Green Building Standards.

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