Dry Wall Bead Access Doors
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Dry Wall Bead Access Doors

Model Number:  DWB Series
Access door and frame shall be fabricated from 16 gage, galvannealed steel with a prime coat finish suitable for painting. Frame shall have mounting holes positioned to allow anchoring directly to the studs, assuring a secure mounting. Hinge shall be concealed pivoting rod type. Latch shall be screwdriver operated.
Product Function:
Door are designed for flush installation in dry wall surfaces . Door features a concealed hinge that prevents distortion and closes door squarely.

Frame has 1/4 inch mounting holes positioned to allow anchoring directly to studs to assure a secure mounting. A drywall bead on the frame allows the drywall joint compound to be applied over the bead at the same time as the joints and corners.
Product Details
  • Brand:  Elmdor
  • Mount:  Wall Mount
  • Material:  Galvannealed Steel , Stainless Steel (Option -SS)
  • Latching System:  Screwdriver Latch (SDL) , Allen Key Latch (Option -AKL) , Cylinder Key Lock (Option -CL) , Cylinder Lock with Dust Shutter (Option -CLD)
  • Additional Benefits:  Contains Recycled Material , Recyclable
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